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by John Godber

Our next offering will be the John Godber bitter-sweet ‘Weekend Breaks’. This is a comedy described as one of Godber’s best, full of humour about culture clashes and what it really means to love your parents -  even when you want to kill them!

Martin Dawson is a promising writer and academic, who is spending some time alone on holiday in the Lake District, working on his latest film script whilst dealing with the fallout of a recent extra-marital fling.

Weekend Breaks

Performances will run from March 14th to 16th and the production will be directed by Geoff Manning.

One weekend, he decides to invite his parents, Joan and Len, to visit him for an ‘enjoyable’ break -  but the weekend soon evolves into an opportunity to release the pent-up frustrations of a lifetime.

“How good a playwright is John Godber?  ‘Weekend Breaks’ shows that at his best, Godber can be very good indeed.”

- Daily Telegraph