In April 1986, a small number of members of Monmouth’s only drama society, The Centre Players, decided to reform itself as a new amateur drama group calling itself Off Centre Theatre. 
It’s first production was ‘Maria Marten or the Murder in the Red Barn’ and was performed at the Monmouth Festival on Wednesday 6th August 1986.

Off Centre’s reputation for high value and top quality entertainment has grown steadily ever since and its popularity has continued for over 30 years. To date, we have approximately 40 members.

We aim to produce up to four productions each year and these are generally performed in Monmouth’s Savoy Theatre, a beautiful and historic Grade II listed building, one of the oldest working theatres in Wales and which was voted Best Theatre of the Year at the 2019/20 Welsh Hospitality Awards. We have also at times taken to the road and performed some of our productions in a number of local community halls in the outlying areas around Monmouth.

Our current ‘base’ is the Ty-Price Community Hall where we hold our play readings, auditions and rehearsals. We also regularly host events and club nights such as quiz evenings, open ‘mic’ nights, car treasure hunts and many other social activities.