Business Reason for Holding Data

The legitimate business for Off Centre Theatre is to perform amateur dramatic productions to a wide-ranging audience. This involves the staging of theatrical works; publicity for productions and the group; scheduling rehearsals and backstage activities required to stage a production; and organisation of social events and other similar activities.

Contact Details

The contact person on the Committee for Data Privacy issues is the Membership Secretary.
You can contact us electronically through our website http//

Data Held by Off Centre Theatre

Membership to Off Centre Theatre is granted on receipt of payment for a Membership Fee to join Off Centre Theatre and will be valid for the current Membership year.
Off Centre Theatre may hold some or all of the following personal information of our Members in order to carry out our legitimate business -
  • NAME

Information, Storage and Access

Membership information is held by the Membership Secretary. This information is held physically (on a completed Membership Application Form), and electronically. Only Members of the Committee can view the collected data by request to the Membership Secretary. Members are added to a mailing list which all Members are able to send messages to. Individual email addresses are not visible to Members, unless that individual sends an email to the mailing list or another Member.

Use of Personal Data

Off Centre Theatre will use the personal data and information you provide on your Membership Application Form to send email updates and regular newsletters related to upcoming productions and events of interest.
We will treat your information with respect and we will not use your personal information for any other purposes. We will not disclose personal data to any third party.

Photographs and Videos

When Members take part in activities organised by Off Centre Theatre, including productions, rehearsals and social events, their image may be included in photographs and videos. We may use these photographs and videos for publicity for the production or activity or for general promotion of Off Centre Theatre. These photographs and videos may be published on some or all of the following -
  • our social media pages;
  • our website;
  • in printed media, including programmes, press articles and flyers

Members Rights relating to Data Privacy

Members have the right to -
  • Report any breach of privacy;
  • Request to see what personal information is held on you;
  • Request the amendment or deletion of any personal information held on you

This Privacy Policy was read and passed by the Management Committee of Off Centre Theatre
Dated August 2018